Monday, June 24, 2013

About us

Our project is to document our weekend cooking experiments so that others like us will have a resource for encouragement, maybe a dash of inspiration and a place to commiserate when it doesn't work as planned. We don't expect things to always go well but that is the point.

We like to cook on the occasional weekend. We find things we want to make from a variety of sources. Sometimes it is pinterest and other times it is from some Big Green Egg related site. When we decide to make something, we will post the source article, any research links that we may have used to help us along the way, our plan, where we buy things, and then document our project. We expect that our outcomes will vary. Sometimes it will be a success and others may not go as planned. When they go off the track we will hopefully be able to determine the cause.

We will post a detailed description of the process, a bunch of helpful photos and maybe a glamor shot of the finished product.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoy cooking and eating!

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