Sunday, May 24, 2015

Whole Fish Branzino on the Big Green Egg

Oftentimes, restaurants will offer a whole grilled fish and it is always excellent when we get it. We decided to try and do our own grilled fish on the Big Green Egg. Not to skip ahead but the bottom line result is that you MUST make this if you have an Egg.

This thing turned out great! Nice low calorie, fresh and delicious. I am going to need to figure out how to flip it without tearing the skin though... See update  below for flipping advice.

Let's get started.


We googled around to find a recipe for our Branzino that we purchased at the Buford Highway Farmers Market. If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, you should make it a point to stop in. It is one of the secret sources that notable chefs around town use for inspiration. They stock produce from all over the world and have a large fish market. Truly a treasure.

A Branzino is a european sea bass.

Anyway, We needed a recipe with limes and not lemons because we only had limes... We found this one and it is highly recommended. GRILLED BRANZINO except we left out the ginger.


1 bottle of wine
5 limes
Fresh basil
1 shallot minced
Olive Oil
2 nice Branzinos (1 per person is more than enough)


Pour a glass of wine.

Heat the Egg to 400ish, make a marinade, stuff the fish and cook. It is cooks very quick. About 5-7 minutes per side.

Follow along...


In a bowl, make up the marinade.

Add shallot, zest of two limes, 0.25 cups of olive oil, salt and pepper. Prepare to stuff the fish with limes and basil.

Simply stuff the gutted and cleaned fish with lime and basil. Then generously salt and pepper.

Brush the fish with the marinade

and place on the grill. In retrospect we should have oiled the grate more...

After 7 minutes I flipped with a large spatula and tongs

The skin stuck a little. Need to work on that. Probably should have oiled the grate more and probably brushed the fish down with a little more oil. Also, at the end I opened up the Egg top to try and get a nice char.

Just an update. We have made this again a time or two and figured out that if you let the fish cook a little longer, the skin will release from the grill. So give it another minute or two, Check with a spatula. A little more crispy skin but the fish doesn't overcook.


This is excellent or should I say EGGcellent (I know... so funny). Could have been a little prettier but that gives us something to work on.

The skin was crispy and flavorful, the fish meat moist and tender. Make sure to drizzle a little more marinade on the fish before serving.

Also, learn how to fillet that fish on the table. So impressive. And don't forget to have a bowl to place the fish head and bones.

We would love it if you would drop us a note and let us know how your cook went in the comment section. We are always looking for suggestions and improvements! We have opened up the comments so that anyone can post now, so please do. I'll try not to delete anything unless it is spam or stabs me in the heart.

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