Saturday, July 1, 2023

St. Louis Style Ribs

People of America, the 4th of July weekend is upon us! How shall we celebrate our victory over those red coats? I suggest St. Louis-style ribs. After all, what better way to show our patriotism than by smoking meat in a method named after a French king? And who better to celebrate liberty with than our French allies, who helped us win our independence.

I'm still using my DigiQ on the BGE, but now that I have a Traeger I have begun to itch for an updated version. Something that I can control and monitor via an app, remotely - like I can on the Traeger. I need to update this link to something that may be what I'm shopping for as a replacement but for now, I'm too lazy and it's hot outside.


All credit to this method goes to Meat Church. Link is here:

  • Costco St. Louis style pork rib slab. 
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Fox Bros Sauce
  • Brown Sugar
  • Butter - get the irish stuff
  • American Flag
  • Fireworks
  • Bourbon


One must not be so hasty as to skip over the enjoyment of life. Pour a little bourbon, add some ice, look at a photo of Harry and Meghan and thank the good Lord that we can make fun of them. It is our right, perhaps our obligation.

So let's go.

Gotta pull the membrane off the back of the slab. It's easy if you use a paper towel to grip it.

Add salt, pepper and paprika and place the ribs in the smoker - I'm going to use the Traeger but you could just as easily use the BGE.

270 degrees and cook it for about 2.5 hours

Once you have a nice color on the ribs we are going to pull them off and make an aluminum foil wrap.

5 pats of butter, a handful of brown sugar and some sauce that you like. I added some Fox Bros sauce. 

Wrap it all up. and back on the grill - meat down. 

Back on the Traeger

Cook until bones pop out 2 hours-ish

Should look like this - 1/4" bone exposure 

Open your wrap and build a boat of it so you can then add some more sauce - meat side up - then back in grill for 10-15 minutes to set the sauce.

I've made a bunch of ribs in the past but this is the recipe that we like the most. Not only great ribs but it adds a consistency of outcome that I haven't had before. 

Try these.

Let it rest for a bit before cutting into individual ribs.


As Julie says, they are special. 

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