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We love to eat. We grew up in the Southeast, both children of parents who cooked "Southern" food. It was usually nothing fancy but often involved local fresh produce and it was every night around a dinner table. However, it did leave us with a narrow view of what food was, with little exposure to much more than the occasional dinner out at a fast casual suburban chain restaurant. Welcome to America.

Later, after college we began traveling with our jobs around the country and internationally. It was during this time that we began to open our eyes to the wide and wonderful world of what food could be. We both ended up relocating to the big city, Atlanta, moving to in-town neighborhoods, right in the middle of a time when Atlanta was transitioning from corporate chain type restaurants to an explosion of local sourced chef-driven restaurants. Thanks to some of the pioneers: Quatrano, Satterfield, Hopkins, Rathbun, Gillespie and others.

Fast forward to a few years ago when we met each other, we amplified each other's attraction to dining, cooking and traveling. At least once a week we would plan to make something new, something we had never made before, it was a date. That led us to watch the Food Network, the Cooking Channel and other food-related celebrity chefs searching for new ideas. We faithfully read Kitchen Confidential and even dabbled in Julia Child cookbooks after watching Bourdain and Julie and Julia as we waded deeper into the chef's life. We even bought a Big Green Egg to enhance our grilling adventures.

After many weekend cooking projects we thought it might be fun to document them so that we would have a resource to learn from past failures and what we could do to improve the next time and perhaps we could entertain a few people along the way. While this site is most for us and our record keeping, it has turned out to be more popular than we expected.

So, welcome to our site. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

And just and update on us... after many many meals together we finally made it official. For better or worse...

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