Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hamburgers on the Big Green Egg

The Classic Hamburger on the BGE 

There is not much better in life than a really good backyard hamburger and what better way to make one than by using a big green egg to impart a little smoke?


We simply googled around to find a good mix and technique for making patties and quickly learned that the secret seems to be not to fuss too much with the patties or the ingredients. We also bought really good buns from a local bakery here in Atlanta, H&F Bread Company.


Gather the following ingredients:

2 lbs of good ground beef 80/20 (not too lean) - We purchased ours from the local Whole Foods.
Fresh made bread. Don't skimp on bread get the bread that is made that day.
a little olive oil
salt/pepper to taste
home made pickles people!
home grown tomatoes too!

We will hand press the patties and take care not to work them too much. As little as possible. Press your thumb in the middle of the patties to keep them from turning into round balls when you cook them. Brush with oil and then salt and pepper them.

Cook at 400 on direct heat for 2 minutes each side then close down completely and let cook for 4 more minutes. So 2/2/4.

Prepare the sides and serve. We let the kids build their own in assembly line fashion and enjoyed them on the patio.


Prep the patties. No need to add anything to them. Just fashion with your hands into bun sized patties and push your thumb into the center to prevent them from turning into a ball as they cook. Handle sparingly. Don't press them meat when cooking! Brush with olive oil, salt and pepper.

We let them sit while prepping the sides. Including bacon, tomatoes, onion, home made pickles, american cheese slices (idea stolen from Holeman and Finch).

2 minutes each side then close it down for 4 minutes.

Ready to go! These are delicious and juicy with a hint of smoke.

Daughter's hamburger (no bun)

Another version from the assembly line

The everything bacon cheese burger!


A homerun. Nothing beats a great burger on the patio with the family. These were special. They were juicy, flavorful and topped with home grown tomatoes. Nothing to complain about here.

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