Saturday, July 14, 2018

Keto Pizza

Long time no see.

Believe it or not, we continue to use our site as a reference for our Big Green Egg cooking and even update some of our methods on occasion or add clarifications on cook time. However, we haven't grilled much beyond the things we've already covered in our current posts, hence not much new to report.

However, we have recently decided to jump on the keto bandwagon and we are trying to live the no-carb, or at least very low carb, life. Less than 30 net grams per day. As such, we've been experimenting with new ways to eat.

Last night we tried our hand at pizza that substituted a cheese and cauliflower crust for the normal flour-based crust. So we go from what is about 36 grams per slice for a normal pizza crust to near zero.

Let's see what we can do.
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We used two Italian sausages out of the freezer
Sliced mushrooms
A homemade marinara that we made a few nights previous for another keto recipe
Mozzarella cheese
Cauliflower rice (from the frozen section of the grocery)
1 - egg
1 - cup of parmesan

turns out the prepackaged cauliflower pizza crusts still have a lot of carbs.


People. Let's not forget that a glass of wine when making pizza is mandatory.

First we must make the crust.

Empty the frozen cauliflower into a pan over medium heat to help dry it out. We did this for about 5-10 minutes

Stir occasionally

Then we added a cup of grated parmesan. We added this while still on heat. In retrospect, you should probably add it after removing from heat and let the pan heat melt the cheese.

transferred to a bowl and add an egg and mix well.

pour it out onto parchment paper cut to fit our pizza stone. It is about the consistency of bread dough.

and then spread out like a pizza crust. Note that it makes a thin crust, but because it is so rich and cheesy, it is how you want it.

Browned our sausage while preheating oven to 400 with the pizza stone in the oven

Then cooked the crust first. Maybe 20 minutes or until it started browning.

How good does that look?

Then toppings.

and back in the oven to make this


It was incredibly satisfying and bursting with flavor. We really enjoyed the cheesy crust even though it wasn't as crispy as we would have liked. If we could get the crust crispier, it might be better than a flour crust.

Will be making this again soon.

Lessons learned. Remove from heat before adding cheese, maybe add basil midway through cooking to not dry it out too much and let it cool a bit on a rack to see if the crust will crisp up.

We would love it if you would drop us a note in the comment section and let us know how your cook went. We are always looking for suggestions and improvements! We have opened up the comments so that anyone can post now, so please do. I'll try not to delete anything unless it is spam or stabs me in the heart.

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