Monday, September 7, 2015

Pork Tenderloin on the Big Green Egg

While in Costco the other day we happened upon a pork tenderloin and thought it would be fun to make and would be a great use of the reverse sear method that we are so fond of.


We just googled around for cooking temperature and learned that 135 seemed best. I would lean more toward 130 next time.


Pork Tenderloin
and a great rub we chose the Community Q rub from a great local BBQ place


Heat the Egg to 300 and cook the tenderloin direct until the internal temp is 100 degrees. Then pull it off and run the egg up to 500 degrees. Return the tenderloin to the egg to get a char and to raise the internal temp to 135.


Rubbed the tenderloin generously with Community Q butt rub and place in the fridge.

Light the egg and get it up to 300. Then cook the tenderloin until 100 degrees internal. Took about 12 minutes. Rotated once at about 5 minutes to try and keep the temp even.

Wash your pan out or heat it on the egg before reusing. Don't want raw pork to touch your cooked meat.

Remove the tenderloin and heat the egg up to 500

Return the to the hot egg. 2-3 minutes per side depending on thickness. Use your meat thermometer and get a good one! See a link below for the best.

2 minutes on side 1 - 115 internal
3 minutes on side 2 - 125
1 or 2 more minutes - 135 at fattest part. 145 at thinnest.

Flip after 2 minutes

go ahead and make some of these brussel sprouts. coat with olive oil, salt and pepper then sear in a cast iron skillet that is hot

Pull the tenderloin with the temp approaches 130. I let ours get to 135 and it was a little more done than I would have liked.

Slice with the roast slicing knife (link is at the bottom of this post)

Turned out great. The thickest part of the tenderloin was the best. 


Loved it and it is a good thing. We have 4 more of them that we vacuum sealed for later.

The reverse sear is the way to go with the tenderloin (not to be confused with the loin). Get the tenderloin folks, you only live once.

Just an update. We continue to make this on occasion and it is fantastic. A great low cost protein. Make sure you pay attention to temperature and don't overcook it.

We would love it if you would drop us a note in the comment section and let us know how your cook went. We are always looking for suggestions and improvements! We have opened up the comments so that anyone can post now, so please do. I'll try not to delete anything unless it is spam or stabs me in the heart.

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