Sunday, November 22, 2015

How not to roast a duck on the Big Green Egg

We thought it would be so sophisticated to roast a Duck on the Big Green Egg. We did a terrible job and as good as it looks, it wasn't.  Never the less, it was our first time and we will try again eventually but we aren't in a hurry to do this again.


We googled around and found this youtube video and tried to follow it.


We bought a free range hippy duck
and we used a great dry rub


Heat the Egg to 325, boil the duck to release some fat, cook it to temperature. 165 -170 degrees.


First we trimmed it according to the video or maybe a little less. I didn't cut the tail bone and should have so it would have fit on the "can" better.

Then I poked some holes in the skin in preparation for boiling for 5 minutes. This is supposed to soften the fat and help it render

Then dry rubbed it and as suggested we sliced through the fat

Also took the great advice about catching the duck fat as it rendered. Be sure to place a spacer between the plate setter and the cast iron skillet to keep the fat from burning

Rendered fat - save for later

We cooked the duck until it was 170 degrees. We over shot this a little as our duck was very lean and didn't have a lot of meat like a chicken might have. Also, I was checking both the thigh and the breast and had difficulty measuring. Also consider that it didn't take nearly as long as the video. Maybe 30 minutes to get to 170 in the breast or leg.

It was incredibly tough and chewing. Sort of like it hadn't been cooked enough maybe? I don't know if I cooked it too much or not enough but the breast was tough and the thigh was even worse. I'll need to do some research to try and figure out what we did wrong. I am inclined to believe that I didn't cook it enough.

Regardless, it was a lovely evening on the patio. We ending the evening warming up leftovers.


This was far and away the worst meal we have made on the Big Green Egg. I don't know yet what I did wrong but suffice to say, they don't always turn out great.


After watching some more videos and reading more. I think we didn't cook it long enough and I didn't get good temperature measurements. Next time, I'll stuff the duck and I'll cook it until 175 everywhere.

I feel good about using THIS video from Maple Leaf Farms as instruction next time.

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